Rules Set

We are currently using the 9th Edition Rules of the NERO Handbook. All rules information can be found here.

Chapter Policies

Auto-Max Out

Players benefit from a full blanket of experience per event day without max out training.

Cast on the Fly

The caster can select what spell he or she uses for each slot at the time of casting.


Limited Reset

Objective: The objective of this play-test is to allow chapters to reset times-per-day skills more frequently.

Details: A chapter may opt to offer a limited reset of times-per-day skills other than craft/production and Formal Magic skills. This reset must offered at no less than twelve hours from the normal 6pm Saturday reset on Event Weekends. This means 6am on Saturday Morning, or 6am on Sunday morning would be valid times to perform this limited reset. This reset is in no way to be used to allow extra production, extra money for craftsmen skills, or extra Formal Magic skill usage, this included Formal Magic Cantrips. This reset also in no way resets magic-item usage in any way.