Item Donations

Hot Items

Chapters can designate a few donations as hot items. When players donate these items they will get a higher than normal goblin reward. The chapter must post the list of their hot items on their web site. There are 2 categories of hot items:

  • High demand: 1.5 x normal value (up to 8 items at a time)
  • Critical demand: 2 x normal value. (up to 5 items at a time)

Award Values

An item’s value is based on the value it brings to the game. For most items there are three quality tiers. Players should generally assume their donations will be considered “good” quality. The “great” and “outstanding” tiers are for those who go above and beyond. These three tiers are meant to accommodate the most common donations. Something like a whole-head articulated monster mask, a custom cast latex mask, or an intricately designed and cast sword fall outside the scope of the values below. If such an item is donated, please include a short description or photo about the item when adding it to the database.

Extremely Valuable Items

The local chapter’s character administrators are highly encouraged to submit a picture and/or brief description for any rewards of 500 or more goblin points. The national database department will be running monthly reports on 500+ point goblin rewards, so any additional information provided by the chapters will make that process easier for both parties.

Item Base Award High Quality Award Outstanding Quality Award Notes
Spell Packet ½ gob NA NA 1 gob per 2 packets
One‐Handed PVC
30gob 55gob 80gob
Two‐Handed PVC
50gob 75gob 100gob
Shield 75gob 100gob 150gob
One‐Handed UL
150gob 200gob 250gob (Ultra light)
Two‐Handed UL
250gob 300gob 350gob (Ultra light)
Armor: Single Piece 75gob 150gob 300gob
Armor: Full Suit 300gob 650gob 1000gob
Mask 20gob 75gob 150gob
Makeup 15gob 50gob 75gob 15 for a small tube of the cheapest “clown makeup,” 75 for a large container of quality makeup.
Hand Prop 50gob 75gob 100gob
Set Prop 50gob 75gob 100gob
Theatrical Effect 100gob 200gob 300gob
Costume Piece 50gob 75gob 100gob
Full Costume 150gob 250gob 350gob
Extremely Valuable Items 1000gob+ NA NA Chapters may grant more than 1000 goblin points for extremely valuable donations such as vehicles, professional stage equipment, etc.
Item Base Award High Quality Award Outstanding Quality Award Notes
Gatorade 50gob/6 pack NA NA x2 value for the 1st 24 (regular event) or 36 (3 day event)
Cardstock (65 Lb. 250/Pack) 50gob NA NA Per Pack
Corkboard (2'x3'+) 25gob NA NA Max 2
Wire Coat Hangers 25gob Per 10
Animal Masks -- -- -- Goblin Points based on quality
Standard Spiral Notebooks -- -- -- Goblin Points based on page count
Recipe Cards 10gob NA NA Per 100
Page Protectors (8.5"x11") ½ Each
White Headbands ½ NA NA Each
Tabard 50gob NA NA
Tabard 50gob NA NA Brown, Green, White+Black Checker, Red+Black Checker, Red, Light Blue, Metallic and Flesh Colour
Rubbermaid Tote 50gob NA NA 22 gal.+