The Kingdom of Armonia

The Armonian Revolution

There was a schism between the people of Goidel and the current reigning King. While the majority of the population supported King Arnaud there was a large uprising of individuals who were determined to overthrow the King and bring an end to his unjust and tyrannical rule.

These individuals called themselves Armonian and aimed to unite the citizens of Goidel under an unity banner of peace and acceptance of the Kingdom’s cultural diversity. The Armonians were well guarded and after many years of quiet planning managed to liberate multiple Counties of Goidel. Their aim was to free the Barony of Mirith from King Armaud’s grip, which they did in October of 613 when (with the help of the adventurers based out of Thornhill) assaulted Castle Grierson, sent the King Arnaud to the Circle, captured the Barony of Illycrum (in which Castle Grierson resided).

The Armonian Revolutionaries operated in cell groups that were spread out all over the Kingdom. These groups recruited secretly under King Arnaud notice in attempts to locate sympathizers and to drive out the King’s men. 3 known factions had been pivotal in defeated Arnaud’s soldiers. They were the Cohort Victrix, the Cohort Primus, and the Cohort Elementum.

The name of the Armonian Rebellion Leader was not shared and instead the individual worked through the communication of the separate cells, and was only referred to as the Blue Aquila. After the assault on Castle Grierson, it was revealed the Blue Aquila was named Neil Cassair, a Human who was a former Noble of the Lands until the truth of what King Arnaud was doing was shown to him firsthand.

As of April 614, the Kingdom of Armonia was formed officially, and signed on with the Accords of Avalon. The road forward will be full of challenges and hurdles as the new Kingdom continues its efforts to convert Goidel lands to the side of side of Armonia, as well as transitioning their leadership to conform with that of the Avalonian Accords.