Country Geography, Racial Estates, & Map

Country Proper

The land is divided into countries currently vying for control of the whole land mass: what is called the Kingdom of Armonia (Armonia for short) and the Kingdom of Goídel (or Goídel for short). Each country controls multiple sections of the land mass, as shown above.


The Territories are divided into 5 sections: North and South Armonia, North and South Goídel, and the Mystic Isle (which is controlled by Armonia).

Self Policed Estates:

Inside both Armonia/Goídel are 8 "independent" racial communities. In Armonian lands this folk rule themselves with a self appointed ruler given equal weight in Armonian Law as that of a Knight (or higher, in the case of the Mystic Isle); in Goídel lands, these communities are "handled" by a Goídel overseer to maintain order. Below are name of the estates and what the racial majority in those estates are.