In Game Information


The NERO Armonia campaign takes place in the Kingdom of Goídel, on The Arm of the Hinterlands, on the Continent of Avalon. The lands of Goídel have long been ruled by the Royal Chevaillon Family and currently King Armaud sits on the throne, ruling with an undaunted and iron fist.

The land is temperate in climate being nearly surrounded by water, and thusly known for its great port cities. Notably, Goídel is inhabited by a multitude of races, clans, and cultures and can be easily recognized for its diverse culture all jammed into a very small geographical region.

For many years the land has been at peace, but since the crown passed on to Arnaud many changes have been made. The peaceful lands have been thrown into civil war, mutiny and more banditry than has ever before been recorded is now the norm. The 2 sides? The King’s Men of Goídel and the upstart Revolutionaries calling themselves the Armonians.

Currently gatherings take place at the Revolutionary Prochella Encampment of the Diluculo Fields, in the City of Thornhill, in the County of Mirith.