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TOPIC: A Royal Announcement

A Royal Announcement 1 year 8 months ago #6293

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Unto the People of Armonia,

I apologize for not having regular updates on this matter, but keeping movements secret against the enemies of Armonia before safeguards were in place was critical.

With the actions of Eric Thierry at the closing moments of the last gathering, we were left without our most common form of transportation. Euloran diplomats were immediately sent South to seek aid in repairing the portal network. These diplomats were not given audience, and as such I have drawn into question the The Accords of Avalon and their purpose for Armonia. In the near future I will be seeking audiences with any who wish to speak for or against The Accords. But that is not what I have come to you today to report.

With the assistance of Duke Fylav and Count Mournfall, I am happy to announce that the portal network has been partially restored. Unfortunately, due to the lack of assistance from Evendar, the network will only be available to transport citizens within the borders of Armonia. Also, while the network has been restored, it is not as stable as it once was. We will be seeking to find alternatives. Should anyone have theories or contacts, please send them to local the Royal Magic Guildleaders.

I am also grateful for the support of Duke Valdor and the Valdor Army for support during the winter in transporting goods as best as we could while we were without the portal network we have become so reliant upon.

So long as I draw breath, I will continue to stand for Armonia and her people.

By my hand,

King Kenin Augh'Wari
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