Pricing Information - 2018 Season

Season Passes

2018 Season Pass: $320
Note: Does not include food

Event Day Rate

PC: $35/day ($30/day with Pre-Reg)
NPC: Free!
Please note: There is a $5 reduced cost for the Malagash event as a thank you for those that come out and camp versus having a bunk like at our regular site.

Meal Plan (When available):

PC: $15/day
NPC: $10/day

Pre-Registration: Completion of pre-registration for PCs earlier than a week in advance will result in $5/day discount resulting in an event rate of $30/day.

New Player Referral: 200 Goblin Points will be issued to the referrer at the referred player's first paid PC event.

Newcomer attendees as PCs receive an NPC event day rate for their first event.

Note: These fees are outside the $30 yearly Membership Fee that gives you access to the National Character DB ( as well as lets you PC in any of NERO's chapters across the globe.