Welcome to NERO Armonia

We are a LARP Chapter dedicated to the Fantasy Medieval Genre located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Chapter is owned and operated by 3 members of a Halifax based not-for-profit organization called Armonia Live Action Roleplaying Society (ARA LARP). We hope to someday expand NERO throughout Canada by working with individuals interested running their own Armonia Campaigned Chapter.

If you are looking to join a LARP or an RP group then simply join us! We aim to be the best NERO Chapter in all of North America.

Our Goal

  • Cultivate an atmosphere that is fun, inviting through game and fairplay
  • Entertain our PCs, NPCs, as well as any observers of the game
  • Conduct our business professionally and fairly
  • Attract Staff, NPCs, and PCs that are open to positive communication
  • Create and maintain a team that follows the above principles

For specific details, please contact us and we can personally get back to you. As well, for current updates, sign up on the forum and get connected immediately with our growing NERO community. If you need more encouragement then enjoy browsing our photo gallery, and begin your dreaming of your own medieval adventure.

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